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David O. always jokes that his daughter, Chloe, now 15, never really did baby talk --- it was zero to Shakespeare, he says, total silence and then fully formed sentences that expressed exactly what she was feeling or what she

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Clément Houessou

We need to look after our daughters because they will look after us as we get older.

dad of 2 daughters, Benin

If she becomes President, it would make me a father to a president woman.

dad of daughters, Nigeria

Daou Mamadou

In the Ivory Coast, our daughters are capable of many things. They work in the fields, as agricultural engineers and help grow the local economy.

dad of 2 daughters, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Brandon Christianson

I show my wife a lot of respect so that my daughter understands as she gets older and has a husband, that she has to be treated the same way her dad treats her mom.

dad of 1 daughter, Minnesota, USA

José del Carmen Granados Cardénas

I model responsibility and discipline to my three daughters so that they become professionals with integrity. Next is love and a strong family unit so they always feel deeply connected.

dad of 3 daughters, Bogota, Colombia.


We all need to understand how to behave with children and girls especially. In my opinion, given the chance daughters will almost always outperform sons.

dad of 2 daughters, Pakistan

Stavros Karagilanis

Giving advice is often pointless. We need to teach our daughters through actions, not words.

Evia, Greece

Sambiené Dieudonné

Partner up with their mother and follow your daughters' progress together. The mother's support is essential.

dad of 5 daughters, Parakou, Benin

Wang Zhide

The asset I want to pass on to my daughter is the ability to communicate, share with her friends and get along with others peacefully even when she disagrees with them.

dad of 1 daughter, Turkey

Fethi Alparslan

My message to my four daughters was to always show class, hold your head high and never financially depend on your husbands.

dad of 4 daughters, Istanbul, Turkey

The Involved Father

Educate a girl and you’ll educate a nation - African Proverb.

dad of 4 daughters, Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Kostantino Tzallilas

Message to my daughter: Disrespecting other people's decisions, that don't concern you, is absolutely unacceptable.

dad of 2 year old daughter, Athens, Greece

Shun Zhilin

Girls don’t need inheritance or a dowry. The single greatest asset a dad can give his daughter is the right attitude.

Dad of 14 year old daughter, China

Alinanji Abu Ganiou

Education isn’t just school and qualifications. It’s about behavior, conduct and respect.

Dad of 2 daughters, Parakou, Benin

Stephen Concepcion

A father-daughter relationship is something, whether it’s good, positive or bad will always stick with a woman for the rest of her life.

Dad of 2 Daughters, Florida, USA


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